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A machined part used as an example only


Our inspection process accounts for everything from beginning to end. From the moment the order is received, until the moment the part is shipped, we inspect the product at regular intervals.

We use ISO 9001:2015 process in order to ensure the best quality. Our machinists will inspect your parts daily to ensure the highest quality. Inspection results are tracked electronically to ensure ease of access and accuracy.

Quality FAQ

How frequently do you inspect the products?

Alta completes a first article inspection for each job lot, then our qualified operators will preform in-process inspection to ensure quality during production. Afterwards, our quality inspector will conduct a final inspection on the lot.

How do you verify inspection accuracy?

All of our inspection equipment is calibrated to NIST standards at regular intervals and the calibration is documented on our quality software. Operators and inspectors will verify inspection equipment is functioning properly with a reference block or similar reference prior to measuring the parts.

What if I have an issue with my parts?

If you discover a manufacturing defect, we will do our best to make it right for you. Sometimes this means providing a refund or a complimentary rework of the part. Afterwards we will investigate the root cause of the issue and do our best to ensure the mistake doesn't happen again.

Do you accept returns?

As stated before sometimes there will be an occasional manufacturing defect or discrepancy between the part drawing and the part. In this rare event we will provide a full refund or rework the part. Please review the full details of the contract and our liability as stated on our purchase order.

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