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Machinist using manufacturing machine

Significant Manufacturing Capability and Flexibility

Our Equipment

CNC 5 Axis Mill Turn

  • Mori Seiki NT3150 

  • Mori Seiki NT1000 


CNC Vertical Milling

  • Smart CAT50 MILL 62"X34" travels

  • Doosan DNM 400 II (x2) 30"x17" travels

  • Haas VF-2 4 Axis

  • Haas DT-1 (x4)

  • YCM NSV102A (x2)40.2"x23.6" travels


CNC Horizontal Milling 

  • Matsuura ES-450PC-5 pallet cell

  • Niigata HN63D  CAT50 39"x35" travels                                                                     

CNC  Lathes

  • Kia SKT21L

  • Nakamura Tome TMC-15

  • Hwacheon  Hi Tech 200 (x2)

  • Vertical lathe 16" diameter



  • DEA Mistral CMM (upgraded 2023)

  • Micro-VU Vertex

  • Mitutoyo Shadow Profiler

  • Mitutoyo Tool Makers Microscope

  • Many hand tools and gages


Manual Machines

  • 1 Bridgeport type with DRO

  • 1 Mori lathe

  • 1 Graziano lathe

Advantages for our customers:

Precision, Accuracy, and Quality

  • High Precision: Our modern well maintained CNC machines are capable of extremely precise work, ensuring that the products meet or exceed industry standards and customer specifications.

  • Accuracy: Our inspection equipment is calibrated to standards traceable NIST and our quality system is certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

  • Consistent Quality: Our staff ensures our processes provide consistent results, ensuring that every part is identical and in specification.

Versatility and Range of Services

  • From our high torque large part machines producing consumable and capital equipment components for semiconductor, space, defense, and communication.

  •  Make from difficult to machine Superalloy, Titanium, high strength steels, and copper. 

  • Small intricate medical device products.

  • Features needing high optical magnification for inspection,

  • Reverse engineering and contract inspection.

  • High RPM spindles for tiny cutters.

  • Competent technical advice, DFM, and finishing procedures.

  • Many different finishes from our vendors and partners.

Efficiency and Turnaround Time

  • Reduced Setup Time: Machines like the Haas DT-1 are known for their rapid tool changes and high-speed machining capabilities, which reduce turnaround time.

  • Pallet Cells: Systems like the Matsuura ES-450PC-5 pallet cell and the Niigata HN63 allow for "lights out" manufacturing, increasing productivity by operating unattended for extended periods.

Scalability and Volume

  • High Volume Production: With multiple machines like the YCM NSV102A and Haas DT1's, we can scale up production rapidly to meet large volume demands.

  • Flexibility in Batch Size: The combination of different machines offers flexibility in managing orders of varying batch sizes efficiently.

Advanced Capabilities

  • Complex Components Production: The 5-axis machines provide the ability to create intricate and complex parts for industries that require high precision, such as aerospace or medical devices.

  • Integrated Milling and Turning: The ability to perform both milling and turning operations on the same machine reduces the need for multiple setups and transfers, enhancing precision and reducing production times.

Quality Control

  • Inspection Equipment: The DEA Mistral CMM and Micro-VU Vertex allow for in-house quality control and inspection, ensuring parts are produced to the highest standards and tolerances.

Customization and Prototyping

  • Rapid Prototyping: With CNC technology, you can quickly produce prototypes for customer evaluation, speeding up the development process.

  • Custom Manufacturing: The ability to easily adjust programming makes it possible to produce custom, one-off items without significant additional cost.


  • Reduced Labor Costs: CNC machines require less manual labor than traditional machines, reducing labor costs.

  • Lower Waste: Precision manufacturing reduces material waste, which is cost-effective and better for the environment.

Competitive Edge

  • Modern Fleet: Having a modern and diverse fleet of machines positions our company as a leader in technology and innovation.

  • Comprehensive Services: The ability to handle a wide range of manufacturing processes in-house can make your company a one-stop shop for clients, which is highly attractive.

Manual Milling

  • Custom or Repair Work: The manual milling machine with DRO (Digital Read-Out) provides the capability for custom work or repairs that might not be cost-effective to do on CNC machines.


Leveraging these advantages for our clients gives the best value, flexible capabilities, and satisfying products.

Smart Machine Tool - SM 1688

Our newest machine has LARGE capacity.

63" x 34.6" x 27.5" Travels, Box Ways, Cat-50, 6,000 rpm, Gear Transmission 

In non-technical terms, our latest machinery can accomplish the following:

  1. Precision Machining: It is designed to carry out complex manufacturing tasks with high precision and repeatability.

  2. Automation: It has the ability to operate autonomously, with minimal human intervention, which can include loading and unloading of parts, tool changes, and adjustments during machining processes.

  3. Connectivity: These machines can connect to a network and communicate with other machines and systems, enabling better coordination and data-driven decision-making.

  4. Monitoring: Equipped with sensors, it can monitor various aspects of the machining process, such as cutting forces, temperature, vibration, and tool wear. This data can be used for predictive maintenance and to optimize machining parameters in real-time.

  5. Adaptability: It can adapt to changes in the material being processed or to the desired output through software adjustments.

  6. User Interface: It has an advanced user interface that allow operators to interact with the machine more intuitively, featuring touchscreens and graphical displays.

  7. Data Analysis: These machine tools have data analysis to optimize their operation, predict failures, or enhance quality control.

  8. Energy Efficiency: It also includes features to reduce energy consumption during operation, which can be adjusted based on the real-time workload of the machine.

Contact us today for your oversize machining needs.

Industrial Drill

Services Provided

Everything under the rainbow -- it's covered. We have a hand selected group of vendors that can take care of any services that your parts require.

Comprehensive Services from Prototype to Assembly
At Alta Design, we offer an extensive range of services, encompassing:

  • Prototyping: Our experts swiftly transform ideas into tangible prototypes, paving the path for successful production.

  • Beadblast Coating: Achieve smooth, refined finishes with our premium beadblast coating services.

  • Anodizing: Enhance the durability and aesthetics of your products with our top-notch anodize treatments.

  • Laser Engraving: Customize your parts with precision laser engraving for a polished, professional look.

  • Heat Treatment: Our advanced heat treatment processes ensure longevity and resilience in every component.

  • Fine Finishing and Polishes: Attain a flawless finish with our meticulous polishing services.

  • Assembly: Our skilled team seamlessly assembles your products, ensuring they're market-ready.

Something not covered here?

Contact us today and we can answer any questions that you might have. We are always expanding our list of services to meet your needs.

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